Original Acrylic Paintings, Serigraphs, Lithographs, Giclees

Howdy Partner

Don’t Look Back

Utah Loose

Boom and Busted

Talk’s Cheap

Fountain of Youth

Abby’s Rainbow

Teton Tease

Please Lord…One More Buckle

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Well U Know Boyz

Gated Community

For Your Eyes Only

Fully Loaded

Second Amendment

First Aid

Security System

Foure Play

Is There A Doc In The House?

Blind Side

Home Security

Rebel Without A Clue

Ride With The Herd

My Ranch, My Rules

Teton Temptations

Down and Dirty

Having A Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here!

Red Hot

Dream Catcher

Spago Yellow

A Straight Shooter

Jacked Up In Jackson

Spur Stop

Hi! Roller

Hollywood Hits the Hole

Damn, I Missed!

Prime Cut

Lonesome Dove

Too Sexy For My Tractor

All Tied Up

Hoofin’ It

Head Up

Moving On

On A Good Day

Built Ford Tough

Playin’ the Game

Cutting Edge

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