deb penk, artist

using techniques and inspiration 

to create one-of-a-kind paintings 


Acrylic painting techniques are different styles of manipulating and working with polymer-based acrylic paints. Water based, acrylics contain color brilliance and are quick to dry.

Serigraphs & Lithographs

Prints made from an original piece of art. However, the processes used to make them are different. Serigraphs are man made whereas Lithographs are machine products.


Reproducing an original two dimensional work of art using a highly specialized inkjet printer. Printed on stretched canvas the reproduction often appears to be an original.

Creating one-of-a-kind

painting only by deb penk.

passionate, unique expertise filling your space with creativity!

Sneak Peek @ the Gallery

Original Acrylic Paintings, Serigraphs, Lithographs, Giclees

Born in small town, Wisconsin, I learned to survive boredom by, what else? CREATIVITY! Complaining about being bored to mom always brought about dishes, house cleaning, taking care of siblings, so I created my own diversion.  Being the oldest daughter of six, three being challenging brothers, life was far from quiet.

Book reports, term papers and even algebra assignments were enhanced with doodles and drawings to further entertain the teachers.  Curricular, extra-curricular and even extra-extra curricular activities taught me to appreciate our greatest source for entertainment.  PEOPLE!  Carrying a camera everywhere, humorous antics were caught in focus and out.  Thus started the stack of thousands of resources for years to come.

Commercial Art Degree in hand, I traveled from Southern Wisconsin to a BS in Art Education from Northern Wisconsin.  Poverty and ‘struggling artist syndrome’ were overrated, so I waved goodbye to bribes of a Masters Scholarship and moved to Wyoming.  A land, Wyomingites warned, where “Men Are Men, and Sheep Run Scared”.

Teaching soon collided with desires to paint.  Sticking to my motto, “I’ll try anything once!”, I retired my chalk stick and went forth seeking my 15 minutes of fame.

The wide open spaces, prairies, mountains and wild cowboys caught my artistic eye. Cravings for something new and different were met.  Armed with camera, exhilarating reference material was discovered and put on canvas.  Traveling whenever possible, exposed art on all walks of life and country!

Thanks to God, family, friends and good natured people everywhere! Exploiting the lighter side of life, has become a way of life and has created a never ending future of “ideas”.

Life is too short to just sit it out.  Get up and DANCE!